One of a Kind Emiko 7″ Vinyl




Be one of a handful of people who own an incredibly rare piece of music: a one-of-a-kind direct to vinyl 7″ recording of an Emiko song that was recorded live.

To be clear, a single disc contains a performance of a song that was done once, with no master copy from which to duplicate. This means that whatever disc you purchase, YOU are the only person in the entire world who has that performance (not even Emiko has a copy). These songs were recorded direct to vinyl on a vintage lathe from 1954 at Leestavall Records in Brooklyn, NY. They are raw, single take performances and are very special.

With the disc, you will receive an autographed poster as well as a copy of Emiko’s EP, “Moving the Universe …Part 1,” which features an all-star line up.


*Full disclosure: vinyl recorded in mono*

**Price includes tax, shipping and handling.**


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